What Is Krugerrand Coin?
Krugerrand Coin

A decentralized financial community knowledge valued token based on blockchain

What Is Krugerrand Coin?

Krugerrand Coin is not a single community of knowledge tokens, but is connected to a large number of financial communities.Let Krugerrand Coin become a hub of value for many financial communities. Through the establishment of consensus in the financial community, the real decentralization will be realized.

Krugerrand Coin
(Abbreviation :KRG)
Krugerrand Coin(Abbreviation :KRG)is the circulation token of knowledge value for the financial community platform based on the blockchain, providing incentives and liquidity for the knowledge creation behavior of the financial communitys. Currently, it has reached a strategic cooperation with some financial communities. KRG holders can use token in all the financial community scenarios, and can be traded in virtual currency exchange and other token swaps. KRG Foundation will cooperate with the more financial communities in the future.
KRG Scenarios
Reward excellent
content creation
Pay for
Vote for
excellent content
and reward
community ads
Krugerrand Coin will be implemented through the Ethereum blockchain with the ERC20 standard
2019 ~ Future

·Access to more financial community

·Listing KRG Coin on more exchanges

·Developping KRG Coin Swap platform

2018 Jun. ~Sep.

Increase and improve the application scene of

Krugerrand Coin in the financial community.

SSP advertising system development.

2018 Jan. ~Jun.

· Project research and white paper.

· KRG Coin distribution

· Technology access to the full scene of the first financial community in cooperation

· Community content mining intelligent model development.

· Listing KRG Coin on one exchange at least

Token Distribution
Total Amount
(Totally has been subscribed
by the www.300gu.com)
KRG Foundation
(Locked for 18 months)
Token Sale To Institute
(Sold Out)
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